May 2019 Calendar of Events


1 – Wine Wednesday

2 – Greenville Newcomers Luncheon

4 – Pumphrey Reception

5 – Cinco de Mayo

8 – Wine Wednesday / Live Music with Mike Castleberry

9 – Trivia

11 – Lee Leonard Memorial GISD 2 person Scramble / AFA Banquet

12 – Mother’s Day Luncheon

15 – Wine Wednesday

16 – Girlfriend’s Luncheon

18 – Rowland Graduation Party

19 – Pittsinger Graduation Party

21 – BINGO

22 – Wine Wednesday / Live Music

23 – Hunt Regional Medical Center Employee Day

25 – Pool Opens

26 – Family Fun Day

27 – Memorial Tournament ABCD Scramble


29 – Wine Wednesday


Special thanks to these members…

J.D. Sims for his donation of 2000 personalized golf tees for the Club.  We will be using them at tournaments and promotions.

Dustin Stephenson and Nortex Electric for his continuing work on a new electrical panel in the cart barn that will allow us to put some power underground and get rid of the power lines around #1 tee and the swimming pool.

Brandon Hill for his assistance with the golf course pump.

Bobby Bigby for all his hard work making our annual Crawfish Boil a success.

Morgan McNeese and Bradley Gage for bringing 2 new members to the Club.


Daily Food Specials:

Tuesday: The Oaks Salad

Wednesday:  Chad’s Shrimp Cocktail

Thursday: Chicken Salad

Friday: Filet Mignon

Saturday: Build-a-Burger

Sunday:  Wings


On the Course:


The new tee boxes are greening up nicely.  We are applying fertilizer and herbicides to push them along and clean them up.  We will be top dressing them soon to help fill in the gaps.  Hopefully we will start getting some warmer nights to help them grow.

We have put some new side rails on the bridge on #3 to help people feel more comfortable when crossing.

Chris will continue to trim trees around the course and we are working to replant and mulch the flower bed on #6 tee.

Please be aware of the new ropes and stakes around the course.  We know they can be annoying, but they are vital to continue the growth and spread of grass around our fairways.  Remember, everything we do on the course is to enhance play and your enjoyment of the game.  Please stay outside the roped areas with your carts.


Around the Clubhouse:

We kicked off “Trivia” this past month and want to congratulate our winners Sheldon & Angela Franklin and Larry & Dawn Hall.  They both received a $25 credit to their Club account.  Don’t miss our next night of “questioning” on Thursday, May 9th.

Our L3 Employee Day was a fun success.  We had approximately 60 people visit the Club and enjoy the food and fellowship.  We will be hosting the Hunt County Regional Medical Center’s employees on Thursday, May 23rd.

With the warmer weather, we have been able to move the Wine Wednesday Live Music to the patio.  Remember that live music is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.


Swimming Pool:

We will be cleaning the pool, doing a few repairs, and dusting off the pool furniture in preparation for OPENING DAY on May 25th.

We will be hosting a Family Fun Day on Sunday, May 26th to kick off the Summer!

Lifeguards will be on duty Tuesday – Sunday  11am-7pm and we will be providing poolside food and beverage service.  Get ready to work on your tan!



Our membership continues to grow!  At the end of April 2018, we had 134 members and we are currently at 197.  We want to remind every member that our goal of 250 can be easily achieved with your help.  For every new member you recruit, you will receive a credit after 6 months in good standing.  Remember to invite your friends, co-workers, and complete strangers to have a visit.







Thank You…

We want to start off this month by thanking our fellow member, Perry Goen, for his generous donation of $300 to the Club.  We always appreciate when members show their generosity and love for our Club.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Party was a hit and we want to thank Morgan McNeese and her Leprechauns for all their hard work putting it together.

Cheers to all the members who sprang into action and moved their golf carts to new locations in the cart shed.  This will really help us by allowing Paul and his staff to move more of our equipment inside out of the weather.

If you have been on #1 tee, you may have noticed that Andy’s trailer has been removed from the property.  Thanks to all the people who helped make this possible…the clean-up will continue!

Golf Course News

By the time you read this, the new grass should be finished on our tee box project.  It looks amazing and will really improve the play and look of the course.  Also, we have had all the stumps on the course removed.  We will be working on flower beds and applying chemicals in the next few weeks to have the course in tip-top shape.

The weekly scrambles have begun.  All the scrambles begin at 5:30pm.  You can call the Club to sign-up if you are running late.  Tuesday – Ladies’ Scramble / Wednesday – Men’s Scramble / Thursday – Couple’s Scramble.


We want to remind everyone to reach out to potential new members.  They can be friends, co-workers, neighbors, or complete strangers.  For every new member you get to join, you will receive a credit after 6 months in good standing.  It’s an easy way to help pay for your membership!  Thanks to Shane Stovall, Nick Tebo, Barbara Peters, and Julie Sickels for their recruitment efforts.

Around the Clubhouse

Wilmer has introduced a new menu for spring.  He has added a few new choices that everyone should enjoy.  We will also be updating the Kid’s menu in a few days.  Anytime you have menu suggestions, please let us know.

We need to remind everyone that there are No Pets Allowed at the Club, unless they are a service animal. 

Events Schedule

April 3 – Wine Wednesday

5 – Hart Rehearsal Dinner

7 – Baby /shower

9 – Chamber Workshop

10- Hunt Co. MLS Meeting / Live Music – Kenneth Waters / Wine Wednesday

11 – L3 Reception

13 – Sigma Chi

16 – Basket Ministries

17 – Wine Wednesday

18 – Trivia Night

21 – Easter Lunch Buffet

23 – Comet Club

24 – Live Music / Wine Wednesday

27 – Crawfish Boil

30 – BINGO

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Daily Specials:

Tuesday: Club Sandwich or Wrap

Wednesday: Build-a-Burger

Thursday: Nachos

Friday: Chicken Fried Steak

Saturday: Shrimp Cocktail

Sunday: Wings

Membership Drive

We encourage every member to help out by recruiting new members.  During the months of March and April we are offering a one month membership credit to your account for every new member you sign up.  The credit will appear on your bill the seventh month after they join and remain a member in good standing. Your credit will be based on their level of membership – social or resident.  Most people have a friend, co-worker, or family member that is a potential member…help yourself and the Club by signing them up.

A special thanks goes out to Nick and Kelsie Tebo for their generous contribution of $3000 to the Club following the General Membership meeting in January.  We would also like to thank GHS Golf and Coach Johnson for their contribution of $1500 to buy new range balls.

Golf Course News

Rain, rain, go away…Progress is still being made on our teebox renovation. Larry, Paul, and Chris are working every minute they can to have the tees ready for sod.  The plan is to have sod down during March.  We are in the first phase of our new chemical and fertilizer program.  As we move forward, you will see several new areas roped off to cart traffic.  Please avoid roped areas so grasses can recover.  We are investing a substantial amount of money and labor to improve the golf course.  Our goal is to make Oaks the best nine-hole golf course in Texas but we need your help and cooperation.

Off the Course

We are happy to report…or brag that we received a perfect score of 100 the last two health inspections by Hunt County.  Hats off to the staff for keeping things clean and orderly in our Food & Beverage operation.

New half price drink Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm DAILY.  Wilmer, Chad, and Don are currently putting together a new menu to debut in March.  We have been testing new items throughout last month and look forward to the changes.  Remember our Daily Food Specials for March…

  • Tuesday:  Reuben Sandwich
  • Wednesday:  Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Thursday:  Patty Melt
  • Friday:  Personal Pizza
  • Saturday: Grilled Ribeye
  • Sunday: Wings

We are happy to announce that Morgan McNeese is our new Social Director.  She has a lot of exciting ideas and will be selecting a few members to assist her with events.  If you have any suggestions, please let Morgan or Chad know. We are always looking for new ways to entertain our members.

Patty Donaho has been hired to assist in outside sales and corporate memberships.  We are excited to have her on board and look forward to acquiring new members to our growing Club.

  • 1          Cash VFD
  • 6          Wine Wednesday
  • 7          Altrusa Dinner
  • 9          Catfish Buffet
  • 10        Shawnee’s Birthday Party
  • 13        Wine Wednesday w/ Britnee & Renee
  • 17        St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • 19        Ladies’ Scramble 5:30pm
  • 20        Men’s Scramble Kick-Off Party on the Patio 5:30pm
  • 21        Couple’s Scramble 5:30pm
  • 22        BINGO  6pm-8pm (All ages invited)
  • 26        Ladies’ Scramble  5:30pm
  • 27        Wine Wednesday Live w/Michael Summers / Men’s Scramble 5:30pm
  • 28        Couple’s Scramble 5:30pm
  • 30        “Glow Ball” Night Scramble 6pm