Oaks Members,

We have been selected as a qualifying site for the Texas State Open. Other than professional tournaments like the Nelson, Colonial and Houston Open, the Texas State Open is highest level of competition in Texas.  It attracts golfers from all over the state and it will put us on the map in Texas Golf.  It also implies a higher standard of care by our maintenance staff and members.

This weekend someone broke a rope and drove through the mud on the second fairway.   Ropes are there for a reason – to allow newly sodded grass to grow.

Please reframe from driving over and breaking ropes; driving through mud and tracking up the golf course (especially when it is “Cart Path Only”); and, throwing cigarette butts and trash (candy wrappers, plastic cups, etc.) on the golf course.

Together we can achieve our goal of “The Best Nine- Hole Golf Course in Texas”.

Thank you,

Jerry Ransom

President, The Oaks CC